Thursday, May 7, 2009

Revised Proposal and Video

The exploration of symbols has been the fundamental impetus for many projects of mine. Symbols are, by their nature more than simply what they are visually. They are attached to an idea which allows humans to communicate over time and distance without using sound. Previously I was interested in developing a visual language that could be understood without needing to learn the language (something untrue of every writing system on the planet right now). I found myself drifting towards certain specific ideas within such a large project. Eventually I completely destroyed the project and with what was left, rebuilt it. The form it now takes is one focused on symbols that express an idea of universality and the repetition of form in the universe from micro to macro. The animations are a representation of the universal language of the universe itself. The true, naturally understood language that all humans interact with at all times and are themselves comprised of. I use Flash to explore animation and the way I want to express this idea. Flash allows me to rapidly produce snippets of ideas that I may or may not use. My development takes the form of a tree. A central trunk is the main theme I have been following from the beginning, that of language and symbol. Off of this trunk are many different paths that have lead to dead-ends; ideas that I am less interested in and don't have a place in my main project. These ideas however, just like the branches on a tree, provide the core idea with even greater strength. They feed the core and through these ideas I'm able to better understand what exactly I am doing. They allow me to define the idea. I find these dead-ends extremely important and informative to the work. The process has not surprised me; I know I often move around from idea to idea rapidly but I also know there is a reason and there is a connection even if it isn't immediately apparent. The central idea is revealed from multiple perspectives and also negatives until there is no confusion. The final form of the piece will be an animation supported by these dead-ends. It will be stored online and made accessible.

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